the blog of the century!!!!!!!!

over spring brake I went down to Keokuk and spent time with family I got to see my sisters and grandma .On the down side i got to see my dad for a day and he got pout in jail that kinda sucks .But i will be ok and plus at least i got to go my mom was not going to let me go so that was good . I got to eat at a  nice  resonant with family . Every time I go it is a hole new experience I went and rode fourwheelers with my cus and we cooked out and we played video games. I relie wonted to go fishing in the Mississippi but we didn’t have time so ill just go next time we go down and hopefully My brother will have a bote by then and we can go out in the middle of the Mississippi. I cant wait tell we go back down so i can see my nephew. hes not even one yet and hes adorable. I cant believe my sister is going to graduate this year i’m so proud of her she will be 17 this year so shes sixteen and can graduate i’m proud to call her my sister.

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